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Professional Athlete Transition Program



Mental Health Awareness

Physical Wellness

Financial Planning

Career Development


Business Opportunities


Athlete Rebranding 

Professional Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Life After the Game Community

Giving Back to Community

Athlete to Athlete Connect

 Our  program is designed to provide professional athletes with  support and resources to educate and empower them as they transition from the sports world into business. 


Only 1% of people become professional athletes.  During their professional career they are on a structured routine, pushing their physical limits, perfecting quick decision making skills and maximizing endurance.  With cheering fans, excited family, unity of their team and supporting coaches, being a professional athlete is a unique profession with a bigger than life experience.  

But what happens after the experience has come to and end and they move away from sports?


Professional athletes are faced with challenges as they transition from their athletic career into a a business career.   Our Professional Athlete Transition Program raises awareness about the challenges professional athletes face and provides a platform with individualized plans, education, mentoring, career development and support during their transition process.  

Life After The Game supports the athletes through the challenges and growth of their transition and rebranding.   Each athletes personal brand represents their mission, value and skills that set them apart from others.  

  • Transition and Rebranding Education

  • Individualized Mentoring and Coaching 

  • Networking Events

  • Career Development

  • Physical Wellness 

  • Giving Back to the community

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