About Life After The Game

“As a former Major League Baseball all-star pitcher I am now able to pursue my quest to give back to the community who have supported me for many years.     


I developed the concept for Life After The Game, a nonprofit corporation, after seeing and hearing directly the challenges that former athletes and veterans were having in moving forward in the business community as they reinvented their lives after a career changing event. 


I could only provide limited support and guidance to too few, much more needed to be done to inspire, support, advise and provide business connections. 


Life After The Game embraces my personal approach to guiding athletes and Veterans to a new and fulfilling career.”

Heath Slocumb

Heath Slocumb

Our Mission

A future where there are no barriers for athletes and Veterans who are making life changing career transitions.    


To value self-worth and ensure that athletes and Veterans can support their families and become part of their community.


To provide training and skills to ensure that Life After The Game is a happy and self-fulfilled life.



MLB, NFL and NBA Alumni and the WNBA all praise the efforts made by Life After The Game.

Our Goal

All funds raised by Life After The Game will go directly towards activities and actions that support  rehabilitation of our former athletes and military Veterans as they transition from sports or active duty towards success in the business world. 


Together we will impact our communities as those who take part in our program engage in  community based activities such as youth programs with the support of Life After The Game.


Funds will be raised through charitable donation and sponsorship of golfing events.  

Celebrity Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments will be a source of funding for Life After The Game.


A large roster of prominent, successful athletes has agreed to participate in the events along with executives of major US corporations. 

The golfing events will act as a conduit between corporate executives and Life After The Game clients. 


Executives will be introduced to qualified candidates suitable for placement within their organization.




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