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Our Founder

Life After The Game was founded by Heath Slocumb, a former MLB player, Heath knows first hand how important it is to have a community when transitioning out of the professional sports industry. Only 1% of people become professional athletes and with a lifetime of knowledge and the eternal dedication to bettering oneself, athletes have so much to give on and off the field.  He now offers life-coaching services, dedicated helping others find the beauty and balance of a post-league life.


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Identify needs and goals

Understand the unique challenges and aspirations of our clients.

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Make a plan

Create a path to reach goals including career transition, financial planning, mental health, and personal development.



Collaborate with professionals every arena such as career counselors, financial advisors, psychologists, and nutritionists to provide holistic support to client.

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Join the team with our group workshops where retired athletes can learn from each other and share insights while receiving mentorship from industry titans, purposefully matched to each client.



Foster mental and emotional well-being by offering counseling resources and mindfulness practices to help athletes navigate post-retirement challenges and maintain a positive mindset.

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Ongoing Support

We take care of our athletes for as long as needed. We provide continuous service and offer access to online forums, webinars, and a network of alumni who have completed the program.

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