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Elite athletes are respected for their commitment to discipline, routine, and teamwork. Sharing these attributes with our youth through interactive events helps them to discover their individual strengths and provides a sense of belonging while building confidence.

Life After The Game was founded by former Major League Baseball pitcher, Heathcliff Slocumb. After a 10 year MLB career he transitioned from a life focused on sports to everyday life as a father and entrepreneur.  Heath found himself rediscovering his passions outside the world of sports.

Heath had a vision of building a community of former professional athletes who would be dedicated to motivating, inspiring and spending time with the next generation to create lasting memories that they could carry into adulthood.  Connecting our former professional athlete community with our younger generation is exciting and encouraging, it is a recipe which ensures the personal growth of our youth as well as the strength of their social skills.


Heath and Keith James, Mayor of West Palm Beach

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