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The crown jewel of our organization is our community of former professional athletes. It is through their expertise and dedication that we are able to mentor the next generation and create lasting memories during our outreach programs. These athletes spent the whole of their early lives working towards the goal of competing at the highest level possible to be the best at their craft. However, the lifecycle of an athlete ends rather abruptly, so what happens after?

At Life After the Game, getting off the field just means breaking into a new one.

Within our athlete community we work to rebrand, mentor, and develop the skills of our athletes to broaden horizons and open corporate opportunities to ensure financial stability and allow them to continue on their quests to constantly push the envelope and better themselves, in any field.  

We look forward to expanding our corporate network to find channels which create mutually beneficial relationships. We are always looking to partner with performance centers, facilities, and events which share our goals to support athletes and inspire others.

We aspire to partner with every league and sport to become familiar faces to current athletes and the public to plant the seeds in the present for a brighter future. 

Ambassadorships and representatives while one day be spread throughout the country to propel our mission forward, our mission of helping others.


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We are deeply grateful to our sponsors for helping strengthen our community and allowing us to work in service of others.


Heath Slocumb 
Founder and Life Coach
Jerry Lugo 
Golf Classic at Punta Escada
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